Sunday :-( 

Sunday, April 15, 2007 11:18:04 AM

Jessica's back to school for the balance of the week. She is almost completely moved into her studio. Her homies, dinosaurs, tiger, bunny slippers and my old stereo are all down there now. Its almost like she is moving out.

Had a great day yesterday. Jessica and I decided to learn Nordic Skiing, neither of us have been before.

We started out late, but where able to get to the lesson just as it started. Our instructor was a real bummer. He was almost falling over himself.

The snow was coming down most of the day and was getting deep. The resort did not groom the Nordic trails. The instructor was grumbling about that almost the whole lesson.

After our lesson (good thing Nordic Skiing is simple) we warmed up a little and headed back out. We took the long way around the lower loops at Hoodoo and ran into only a few people since the weather was so bad. We even did one part twice. We had a great time.

After another rest in the lodge, we decided to take the lift to the black diamond trails.

Once we got to the top we were joined by another skier and started down the un-groomed 3ft deep power trail. It was OK until we had to start up hill, which was hard going. After we got further into the woods we met up with two ski patrol. They were making sure no one was lost in the more remote parts of the resort. They were *very* surprised to see us and even more surprised we wanted to keep going. They said if we wanted to keep going that they would have to stay with us due to the harsh weather and conditions. Remember, this was our first day on x-country skis. We felt a little bad, but they were excited that we where willing to break trail for them.

After a couple miles, they got a call from another patrol person on a snowmobile, who said that the trail past the last lift was impassible and that we would need to turn back :-( It was a very hard but fun trip while it lasted. We really wanted to learn Snow-boarding, but our plans to learn in WV did not work out, probably my fault. With both of us without heath insurance right now, the Nordic Skiing was probably the smartest thing to do.

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