Physically back from Mix07 

Saturday, June 02, 2007 12:01:17 PM

Myself and the crew from CBT Nuggets, just returned from Mix07.

I did lunch with Miguel de Icaza (Founder Gnome, Mono and Co-founder Ximian) and was able to mention MojoPortal in a Q&A session.  Thanks Joe for mentioning it in your blog post today .

I was the first to stand up and ask a question at the Open Source Applications Using the .NET Platform Panel Discussion.  The panel consisted of
Miguel de Icaza, 
Andi Gutmans (Co-developned PHP and the 'nd' in Zend) and
Mike Schrep (Mozilla) among others,
so I was a little nervous.  You can hear my question and the responses 50 minutes into the recording.

The last day of the conference I had lunch with Miguel de Icaza, Phil Haack (CTO and Brad Abrams (Co founder of CLR and .Net Framework teams at Microsoft).
I mostly did the listening except for a brief discussion about how Miguel and I both use Vi and Emacs interchangeably.   Most people use one of the other exclusively, but depending on the context of the file, we will edit it with Vi or Emacs without consciously knowing why.
Miguel, Phil and Brad
Thank you Phil for sending me this photo.

A special thanks to my brother Chuck Jazdzewski for insisting that I attend the conference.

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