End of an era 

Sunday, November 12, 2006 8:51:03 PM

Back in 1992 I designed and wrote a restaurant management system for a large chain. The system was used virtually un-changed until today when their last unit is due to be sold to a competitor.


It was the first, and last program I wrote using a GUI based language. It gave me carpel tunnel like symptoms. The language was Object Vision by Borland and was connected to a Paradox SE database. I was unable to continue to use my right hand for running a mouse, and for a year I had to use my mouse left handed.


I still can't believe a UUCP network based system survived this long, though the hay days of the Internet.


The system integrated seamlessly between Mas90 and the cash register systems in the units. The key to the success of the system was the client side application screens where in the identical format of the prior paper-based system which allowed the managers to effectively use the new software with almost no additional training.


The system consisted of:

Two servers

Dual Processor Compaq SystemPro

    Digicomm serial ports

    SCO Unix


    C based code and scripts


Many client computers

Compaq desktop

    Windows 3.1, 95 and finally XP



    Paradox SE

    C based code and custom drivers

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