Finally upgraded 

Back in April 15, 2007 I thought I was going to upgrade before June 2007.  Thought I had better get it done before 2009 rolled around.


Until today I was running mojoPortal version 1.0.5 with mono 1.2.4 and PostgreSQL 8.0.13.

This site is now using mojoPortal with mono 2.2 and PostgreSQL 8.3.1.


The new server has a 64bit AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor.  ASP.Net in 64bits.


I got engaged to be married over vacation! I asked Jessica to marry me on the top of Yosemite Half Dome.

The wedding will be October 10th 2010, after she finishes school.

Pictures of the house we are trying to purchase. 


Boating in Canada 

Will put these photo's and many more in the gallery soon.

rpmnew files after a yum update 

After doing a yum update, or any form or update using an rpm based tool, you are left with a lot of .rpmnew files hanging around.  These changes are very important to incorporate.  If your like me, I wait so long between server updates (except security based ones) that I may have over 50 of these generated.

You should keep a short list of the configuration files that you must configure by hand, or would cause great harm if they were applied in the blind.

A short list of these are:


Be sure to remove these files type of .rpmnew files before continuing.

You can find your waiting .rpmnew files:

locate rpmnew

Now you should be left will a lot of files, so just to be sure, do a diff of them all, just in case you forgot something.

locate rpmnew | while read line; do diff $line ${line%.rpmnew}; done | less

(07/24/2007 update, thanks John :)

locate rpmnew | while read line; do diff -ruN ${line%.rpmnew} $line; done | less

Once you have carefully evaluated the output of the above and either merged the files or decided the new file is a good thing.

WARNING! This next step could disable your computer and make it so you can't restart or log back in!  Be sure you know what your doing.

To move the remaining files over the current files:

locate rpmnew | while read line; do mv -f $line ${line%.rpmnew}; done

This all seemed to work on my CentOS 5.0 and 4.0 systems.

On my Gentoo systems, all I do is execute etc-update.

Climb On, three firsts in one climb 

With Jessica's plane being delayed a day and Devin and his girlfriend needing a camping chaperon, I had the chance to go camping this weekend.  Because I was doing them a 'favor', they agreed to my choice of camping sites.  So I choose Smith Rock (of coarse :)

Once I sent them on their way hiking around the rock, I started getting ready.  I could not wait, this was the first time I had a chance to try my new climbing toys.

In the past I have solo climbed from a top rope.  I would fix the rope, reppel down and then climb back up using an ascender with a custom chest harness.

A lot of climbs can't be accessed from the top.  I would have to pass them up in favor ones I could hike to the top of first.  The desire to be able to walk up to almost any climb and start on up prompted me to purchase the Silent Partner.  At the same time I also purchased the beginnings of a trad rack.

Everything came together this weekend.  I choose my spot and (1) did my first solo lead climb using my Silent Partner,  (2) my first time setting trad gear, and (3) my first lead trad climb.

The only real issue climbing by myself, is carrying all the gear.  I try to be prepared for almost any situation, and that makes the backpack very heavy.  Other then being very tired, I had an excellent time and could not have been happier when after over 4hrs of preparation and climbing, I topped out and sat on the edge of the cliff without another soul in sight.

Don't get me wrong, I do like climbing with others.  Its just rare finding a person to belay you where and when you can climb.

Physically back from Mix07 

Myself and the crew from CBT Nuggets, just returned from Mix07.

I did lunch with Miguel de Icaza (Founder Gnome, Mono and Co-founder Ximian) and was able to mention MojoPortal in a Q&A session.  Thanks Joe for mentioning it in your blog post today .

I was the first to stand up and ask a question at the Open Source Applications Using the .NET Platform Panel Discussion.  The panel consisted of
Miguel de Icaza, 
Andi Gutmans (Co-developned PHP and the 'nd' in Zend) and
Mike Schrep (Mozilla) among others,
so I was a little nervous.  You can hear my question and the responses 50 minutes into the recording.

The last day of the conference I had lunch with Miguel de Icaza, Phil Haack (CTO veloc-it.com) and Brad Abrams (Co founder of CLR and .Net Framework teams at Microsoft).
I mostly did the listening except for a brief discussion about how Miguel and I both use Vi and Emacs interchangeably.   Most people use one of the other exclusively, but depending on the context of the file, we will edit it with Vi or Emacs without consciously knowing why.
Miguel, Phil and Brad
Thank you Phil for sending me this photo.

A special thanks to my brother Chuck Jazdzewski for insisting that I attend the conference.

Postgres and selinux 

Had a little fun today getting progresql working in a directory other than /var/lib/pgsql on a CentOS 5.0 system with selinux enabled.

The actual intention is to use lvm snapshot to backup the database.  So rather than mount the dedicated partition to /var/lib/pgsql, I decided to mount it to /pgsql instead.

I added these lines to

/pgsql/data(/.*)?     system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0
/pgsql        system_u:object_r:postgresql_db_t:s0
/pgsql/pgstartup\.log system_u:object_r:postgresql_log_t:s0

Then I fixed the files in the new location

/sbin/fixfiles check /pgsql
/sbin/fixfiles restore /pgsql

Finally updated  /etc/init.d/postgresql


Most likely I will decide that not mounting on /var/lib/pgsql is a bad idea, but I would like to be able to start parallel servers that point to snapshots at some time in the future.


As a leaning exercise I spend a couple weeks working on the initial stubs and tests for
System.ServiceModel.Syndication.  svn://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/olive/class/System.ServiceModel.Web

This work is now being carried forward by Joel Reed (feed writing) and Arne Claassen (feed reading).

Miguel is going to try and find me another place where I can contribute to Moonlight.  I'm also going to do some looking myself.  It would be cool to continue to work somewhere on the Mono tree not that I have my development environment all setup for it.


Looks like there may be a Open Source version of Silverlight on the horizon.  Its currently code named Moonlight.

Miguel de Icaza has added me as an editor to the Wiki.  I am very excited to have the chance to contribute to this project.  Currently looking to see what part to dive into.

ASP.Net 2.0 with Mono 

This site is using Mojoportal 1.0.5 under Mono.

Recently people have been blogging about being able to run the latest versions of Mojoportal on the newest versions of Mono.
Last night on my test computer octo, I was able to get the 2.x version of Mojoportal working under Mono!

By the looks of things, I may be able to upgrade this site to the newest version of Mojoportal in a few months.

The software I used on octo:

mono -> mono-
libgdiplus -> libgdiplus-
gtk-sharp -> gtk-sharp-2.10.0
monodoc -> monodoc-1.2.3
gecko-sharp -> gecko-sharp-2.0-0.12
gtksourceview-sharp -> gtksourceview-sharp-2.0-0.10
gnome-sharp -> gnome-sharp-2.16.0
monodevelop -> monodevelop-0.13.1
mono-debugger -> mono-debugger-0.31
xsp -> xsp-1.2.3
mojoportal -> mojoportal2.x
postgresql dev-db/postgresql 8.1.8

Sunday :-( 

Jessica's back to school for the balance of the week. She is almost completely moved into her studio. Her homies, dinosaurs, tiger, bunny slippers and my old stereo are all down there now. Its almost like she is moving out.

Had a great day yesterday. Jessica and I decided to learn Nordic Skiing, neither of us have been before.

We started out late, but where able to get to the lesson just as it started. Our instructor was a real bummer. He was almost falling over himself.

The snow was coming down most of the day and was getting deep. The resort did not groom the Nordic trails. The instructor was grumbling about that almost the whole lesson.

After our lesson (good thing Nordic Skiing is simple) we warmed up a little and headed back out. We took the long way around the lower loops at Hoodoo and ran into only a few people since the weather was so bad. We even did one part twice. We had a great time.

After another rest in the lodge, we decided to take the lift to the black diamond trails.

Once we got to the top we were joined by another skier and started down the un-groomed 3ft deep power trail. It was OK until we had to start up hill, which was hard going. After we got further into the woods we met up with two ski patrol. They were making sure no one was lost in the more remote parts of the resort. They were *very* surprised to see us and even more surprised we wanted to keep going. They said if we wanted to keep going that they would have to stay with us due to the harsh weather and conditions. Remember, this was our first day on x-country skis. We felt a little bad, but they were excited that we where willing to break trail for them.

After a couple miles, they got a call from another patrol person on a snowmobile, who said that the trail past the last lift was impassible and that we would need to turn back :-( It was a very hard but fun trip while it lasted. We really wanted to learn Snow-boarding, but our plans to learn in WV did not work out, probably my fault. With both of us without heath insurance right now, the Nordic Skiing was probably the smartest thing to do.

Walk on the beach 

Jessica and I both needed a break from Eugene, so we spent the weekend at the Oar House Bed & Breakfast in Newport Oregon.

On Saturday we walked from downtown Newport to the top of the lighthouse and back.  It started out rainy in the morning, but by the time we started heading back to the B&B, it was sunny and warm.

The B&B was cozy and the Jan creates the best breakfasts.  Both mornings we had a least one delicious thing we had never had before.

Mix 07 

Myself and 3 others from CBT Nuggets are going to spend a few days in Vegas.

Jessica and I are going to try and arrive early to paint the town.

Country Road 

Vacation this Winter will be spent in Lewisburg WV.

Jessica's mother lost her lease on her Tearoom, so Taylor and I are flying out to WV to help her move everything out.

After that is done, we hope to have enough time to do some repairs to her house.

I am looking forward to doing some manual labor.  It's been a while.

End of an era 

Back in 1992 I designed and wrote a restaurant management system for a large chain. The system was used virtually un-changed until today when their last unit is due to be sold to a competitor.


It was the first, and last program I wrote using a GUI based language. It gave me carpel tunnel like symptoms. The language was Object Vision by Borland and was connected to a Paradox SE database. I was unable to continue to use my right hand for running a mouse, and for a year I had to use my mouse left handed.


I still can't believe a UUCP network based system survived this long, though the hay days of the Internet.


The system integrated seamlessly between Mas90 and the cash register systems in the units. The key to the success of the system was the client side application screens where in the identical format of the prior paper-based system which allowed the managers to effectively use the new software with almost no additional training.


The system consisted of:

Two servers

Dual Processor Compaq SystemPro

    Digicomm serial ports

    SCO Unix


    C based code and scripts


Many client computers

Compaq desktop

    Windows 3.1, 95 and finally XP



    Paradox SE

    C based code and custom drivers


Can you say dial-up?


I haven't used dial-up is years, but here I am. Did not want to make the trek to Borders every day this week, so until the Cable person shows up, I am going to modem it.


The view of the Kauai hills from the office window is sure nice while I am waiting those down/up loads All I saw at Borders was a lot of goofy people, the parking lot and the music section...


We had very little rain the first couple days, but now its back. I like it, but everyone here is getting very tired of it. I hope it lets up enough for Jessica and I to go hiking next week. The trails are all mud right now.


Picked up my car today!


My 1995 Avalon has 232k miles. Its been good to me over the past 10 years. I have even lived out of it from time-to-time. Going to hang on to it for a while. Alec is going to try and purchase it to keep it in the family. All those miles and still has the original timing belt... Guess what needs to be replaced first.


The Lexus RX400h is a very nice replacement. Better for camping with all the cargo room and 4WD. Better for in town and traffic since it runs off the batteries most of the time. The breaks charge the batteries also.


Its going to be some time before I get used to the engine shutting off at stop lights and in heavy traffic. I still panic thinking I stalled the engine.


The GPS navigation is going to be a god send for me. It always tells you when a turn is coming up, well ahead of time! When I miss the turn, it auto-magically comes up with a new route (has happend twice already).


I can go on and on about all the cool things it has...


Wow, its been a year since I have started exclusively seeing Jessica. We where just friends for almost a year before that.


Our anniversary is February 14th. (just another hour or so)


It is so cool to know that even if we had never started dating, we would still be friends and hang out whenever possible.


Two excellent sons and a wonderful girlfriend. I am so very lucky :-)

Flying for the first time in over 10 years 

Before 1996 I had over 70hrs of flying time.


I am going to try and get my pilots license within a year. I will need to re-take my FAA exam and get in another 20hrs flight time.


Jessica had not slept for two days, but I was able to drag her out for the short flight to Salem.

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